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Design & Build

Owner manages only ONE contract with a single point of responsibility:

  • Designer and contractor are on the same team providing unified recommendations.

  • Changes are addressed by design-build entity, not used as excused.

Building Renovation

  • Building renovation are a reliable service of Kim Mex Construction that can help you renovate or restore a property to meet your needs.

  • Many building and apartments were constructed for a style of living that won't match modern requirements, and the team at Kim Mex Construction can help you to make the most of your properties potential.

  • We work with a variety of architects and surveyors, as well as interior designers and expert. Craftsmen to deliver contemporary buildings that are fit for modern living and for your needs.

Project Management

  • PM Experts: Project Management experts to lead, guide, and deliver your most strategic initiatives.

  • Consulting: Consultancy services to build and improve your organization's project management capabilities.

  • PM COllege: Training coursed, Curriculum and professional development to strengthen your workforce.

  • Research: Industry trends and best pratices to keep our organization at the forefront of success.


  • Consultants are professionals, typically, appointed by the client to perform expert tasks on a project. This might include: Providing advice on setting up and defining the project. Developing and co-ordiationg the design.

  • Preparing production information and tender documentation.